The Company


We have been designing and building electrical systems for industry since 1962, initially aimed at the textile sector, and then the aeronautical sector.


This year we have concentrated on and specialized in the glass industry. We have begun to supply systems for glass manufacturers both nationally and internationally.


We have refined our production, especially in terms of quality, allowing ourselves to extend the sales of our systems to worldwide leaders in the mechanical construction of hollow glass.


This year we have also begun to supply systems for worldwide leading companies in the building of waste to energy plants and biomass energy production plants.

ISO 9001 Certification for quality.

We have had an Integrated Management System for several years: for our company production quality is very important and thanks to this certificate we can prove that our systems are of a superior quality, as well as being compliant with all regulations.

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An eye on the environment

Our company builds systems in respect of the environment. We care about sustainability. That is why we are also specialised in designing energy-saving systems.

To create electrical and automation systems that use reliable, safe technical solutions, in observance of quality and safety laws. We respect delivery deadlines for the completed work.

Innovation, passion and safety. These are our key words to always be ready for any new challenges.